Rotten Brain


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Rotten Brain Creations, literally the brain child of Phil Varone. Deriving it's moniker from Mel Brooks 1973 movie Young Frankenstein, it's the perfect name for a person with Phil's creativity in Producing, Editing and Creating.

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Phil's movie shorts are created with footage that was never intended for what the viewer will eventually see. The process starts with something that catches Phil's eye, or just a crazy idea/concept that pops into his head while reviewing old footage. The real magic happens once loaded into the computer and editing begins. 



The finished product will always include original ideas, original music and original art. One can argue how good or bad a short is, as everyone has an opinion. Phil's humor is an acquired taste, but given the chance, you might find it delicious. Phil doesn't make these shorts for any one person, or group of people. He creates a short out of a passion with the hopes that others will enjoy them as well. Welcome to the world of Rotten Brain Creations.


An innocent walk in the snow, turns horrifying when folklore turns into reality...